Left Handed Scholarships

Left Handed Scholarships – How To Benefit From Left Handed Awards And Scholarships

If you are one of many students that exhaust their federal or school awards all too soon; then there is a bit of cheery news for you. However, you need to be left handed to tap from this grant; and this is even one of many other conditions that must be met by all applicants. The truth as most students have come to understand is that costs of acquiring academic excellence these days have become highly expensive. Though, there are various bodies and government awards out there, and truth is they are hardly enough. The bills keep mounting for a lot of undergraduates, and this could be very frustrating sometimes. You can boost your purse and secure your education by applying for left handed scholarships. There are numerous bodies out there willing to provide qualified applicants with scholarships for left handed people; and you can file in your application today if you meet the basic requirements.

Left Handed Scholarships – What You Need To Know

Left handed people are said to be in the minority; and as a matter of fact, only about 10% of America’s entire population are left handed. This record indicates that left handed people are not only in the minority, but are most likely to be at a great disadvantage. Though, left-handed people seem to be in the minority, the truth is there is a great record of individuals that have achieved a lot in the past and even now. We have such great individuals as; Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and a few others. To address some of the issues that may arise as a result of this, lots of government, schools, as well as aids and private bodies’ awards are issued every year. There are lots of awards you can access besides the left handed college scholarships, and they include the following; Weird scholarships, Hispanic scholarships, the Minority scholarships, Wacky scholarships, and a host of others. Any of these bodies will be willing to offer scholarships to students, as long as certain conditions are met.

Basically, a student should be hoping to get as little as $1000 or a little above that when applying for left handed scholarships. A small amount of money you might say, but it will most certainly go a long way to settle a lot of bills academically.

Not only will you be able to benefit from financial aids, you will also be able to enjoy various facilities specifically designed for left-handed people. Today, a lot of schools have started providing computers with left-handed mouse, keyboards, as well as other basic learning amenities. The truth is as we keep advancing in technology, so will more innovative facilities be made available by institutions and the government to make things easier for these minority people. However, the basic issue at hand now is how to access some of the awards available for the minority left handed individuals out there; and that is precisely what we shall deal with in this article.

How Do I Know If I am Qualified For Left Handed Scholarships?

You need to find out if you are actually qualified to apply for left handed scholarships; and as a matter of fact, this should be the first step. Most applicants are denied scholarship opportunities simply because they ignored certain issues that bother on applying for awards. Qualifications vary from one scholarship board to the other; but there are certain conditions that are similar to each of the boards. Naturally, all intending applicants must be left-handed, and this is one major condition that you must possess before thinking about filing an application for grant. That aside, you must also meet a few other conditions as included in the application form of a scholarship board; and these conditions might be a bit stringent because of the huge number of people who apply every year. In the next few paragraphs, details of some of the conditions students may have to fulfill will be explained; and thereafter, you will also be able to know how and where to file in your application. I want to stress that it is important for you to abide by these conditions in order have smooth access to the various awards available.

Being Left-handed

Being left-handed is considered being handicapped by a lot of bodies or government or individuals; and that is why only individuals who fall in this category will be considered for awards. This is the first qualification; and perhaps the most important one that sets the pace for any further action. No one is going to listen to you if you don’t meet this condition; and I assume you are reading this article because you are a left-handed student. Like I mentioned in an earlier paragraph, left-handed people constitute only about 10% of the entire population of the United States; and only about 13% of these are below the age of 20. This puts them in the minority, and is most likely going to need special academic awards to help them meet up with the rest of the population. I want to say congratulations for meeting this important condition; at least you can go ahead to other steps.

Scholarships For Left Handed People – Academic Qualification

No one is going to offer you left handed scholarships just because you are in the minority; you simply have to be academically sound. You will be accessed based on your academic ability; and this makes it even tougher than it used to be. Each of the scholarship boards determine what it wants in terms of achievements; but you must be prepared to meet a minimum standard. This condition enables the body reduce the number of applicants, and ensure only students with sound academic qualifications are awarded left handed scholarships. It is expected that as the years progress, there will be more people applying for this kind of scholarships; and the boards are likely to introduce measures that are more stringent. Moreover funds are very limited, and rarely enough to meet the increasing number of applicants every year. There is a lot of hard work to be done by you if you want your dream of being shortlisted for left handed scholarships to become a reality.

Good Academic Background And Sound Leadership Abilities

You will also be assessed based on your past academic records. This is important to ensure only students who have consistent academic backgrounds are shortlisted. This should not be a big problem for any applicant whose academic background is consistent with what the board wants. However, you are free to try out another scholarships body in case you are turned down. You will also be tested based on your leadership skills. You may have to develop a sound leadership and academic skill if you want to be shortlisted; and this should be before filing in your application.

Scholarships For Left Handed Students – References

You are also going to need some individual or group references to actually confirm that you are indeed left-handed. This may not be a general condition as stipulated by most boards or schools offering awards to left-handed students, but some schools may actually include this; and you had better be prepared to provide some credible references as well. There are schools or boards that may actually request you take a special test to conclude you are indeed left-handed; this is to ensure that only those who deserve to be awarded left handed scholarships are actually considered.

Application for left handed scholarships is quite easy if every condition required is met by an applicant. The truth is being turned down once is not the end of the world because you can always brace up for another opportunity; but you can be first time lucky if you are adequately prepared. I also need to point out that while all the above conditions are very important; students or applicants must know that selection is at the discretion of those responsible for offering left handed college scholarships. That means you may or may not be contacted even when you meet some of the conditions; and this could be as a result of the large number of people applying for left handed scholarships every year.

How And Where To File In An Application For Left Handed Scholarships

Filing in an application is quite easier these days; all thanks to the internet technology. As a matter of fact, you can print out or fill an online form in only a couple of minutes. You will also be able to apply offline, and this is also very easy; but may not be as fast as using the internet.

Online Application

Call it speed or simply call it efficiency; the internet is where every applicant is heading to when it comes to left handed scholarships. You can carry out a quick Google search right away; and you bet there are hundreds of legitimate and even questionable scholarship sites online. Caution is however, the right word when it comes to online application; and this should not be taken lightly. Online application is pretty fast especially when you have a very limited time. However, cases of online scams are rife these days, and you want to be very careful who you pitch your tent with. Legitimate left handed scholarships sites are always ready to provide tips and useful advice on how to fill your forms; and this can go a long way to help you achieve your dream.

Offline Application

A walk into any of the left handed scholarships boards or bodies out on the streets can also be of great help. A great number of them are always available to render assistance, especially when it has to do with meeting some of those tough conditions. However, you may need to part with a token, especially as regards processing. Though, offline application is a bit slower when compared to online, the truth is it is safer. You can have a one-on-one chat with some experts who have been handling left handed scholarships for years; and this can be very helpful. This has worked for years, and will continue to because of the less risks involved. However, a lot of these offices or boards now have credible websites where applicants can easily download or fill application forms with a lot of ease.

Avoiding Scams

One can be too sure these days when it comes to left handed scholarships; and staying away from those sites regarded as “Red Flags” is something you want to do as quickly as possible. Be careful when a site asked you to make an upfront payments; this could be scam and may put you into a big problem. Always deal directly with a board or online site with pedigree and credibility for helping applicants solve their problems. You also don’t want to start receiving spam emails into your inbox; and this also can be avoided by not providing your email address to a couple of illegitimate sites out there. You can beat this trap by creating a new email address for that purpose; and be sure you have all the details kept in a safe place in case the site turned out to be legitimate after all.

One good thing about carrying out a search for left handed scholarships on the internet is the fact that you will be able to come across other minority awards as well. The Hispanic scholarships just as I mentioned earlier is one of them; and who says you can file in an application as well.

Quality education costs a lot of money, time, as well as energy; and you can achieve more with left handed scholarships. Ensure you work hard and get familiar with all necessary conditions before submitting your application; and besides, you also need expert advice before going ahead. If after satisfying every condition as put in place by the relevant body and you are still not shortlisted; then you don’t have to give up. Like I said, you can check out a couple of other scholarship opportunities out there besides left handed awards, and some of these include; the Hispanic scholarships, weird scholarships, wacky scholarships, minority scholarships, and a host of others.

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  1. In this world,lefthanded people are very often found.it is believed that they contain some specialities or strenth to perform certain job. in this context,either they can be more talent in their study those who are talent in their study.might be all lefthanded people unable to afford their education.some can be very poor thus they may be in need of scholarship.thus they should be provided.

    • Yes, you are right. Studies show that left handed people use both sides of their brain, while right handed people only use one side of their brain.

  2. I really appreciate this scholarship, because me and y family have no money for college jus enough to make ends meet. So any money, even if it is 1000, is helpful to us.

    Thank You.

    • Where did you go for the left handed scholarship–what site? I am well interested in getting or trying to get this scholarship. It would be helpful if you can give me the direct or somewhere near site for this, I would really appreciate it.

  3. I am left handed, I’ve taught myself the Spanish language in one year without Spanish classes. I picked it up from speaking daily with my friends. I speak fluently and most importantly…I’m not Hispanic.

  4. I disagree that left handed people are handicapped .. Just because we use our opposite hand? I think it’s absurd how much attention people put on it. I am no different than my other friends or family that write with their right hands.
    I think it’s nice they offer special scholarships to left handed people.. but i think it’s wrong to accept one if it’s because the rest of the population thinks you’re handicapped. Left handed people tend to be more artistic. Being left handed is a gift not a “special” thing.

    • Well actually, in anatomy I had learned that people who are left handed were born with less oxygen, which in my case it’s true. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and I am the only left handed person in my family, so it is considered a birth defect.

  5. I’m 18 and I’m left handed. I love watching peoples faces when they see that I am one of the few people who are left handed. 🙂

  6. Im a nursing student and the left handed person find many difficulties specially using equipment and also daily activities as i feel being a left handed…

  7. I’m left-handed and very pleased about it. And yes my whole life i have sometimes some difficulties with it. But i also enjoy the fact that a lot of right-handed people are looking up to me cause they just can’t imagine how it is to be left-handed. Great that there is a scholarship for left-handed people, but i think it’s wrong to call us because of that handicapped. Although written it’s considered by a lot of bodies or government and individuals… A lot of people in the world can’t write and even doing a lot of things with there left hand, are not even aware that they are left-handed. So because i know that i’m left handed i’m handicapped? Meaning that there are a lot of people in the world that are handicapped but not aware of it. I think it is better to focus on the uniqueness of the left-handed people. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Obama, Reagan, Charlie Chaplin, Seal, Phil Collins, Robert de Niro, Henry Ford, Judy Garland, Michelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys are all left handed. Nice to be part of this unique group.

  8. im 16 and my mother, sister and I are all left handed. I find being left handed pretty cool. The look on people’s faces when they find out im left handed is priceless. I also play basketball and it’s very hard to guard a lefty. I embrace my left handedness without a problem. But to say that we’re handicapped is crazy. Just because we’re not like most doesn’t mean we’re any different. We face many challenges that most right handed people wouldnt be able to handle had it been them. Im proud to be apart of #teamLeftHanded !

  9. I am a college student & I m left-handed. I have been looking all over for the application. Does anybody know a website to find it????? thanks in advance

  10. Greeting:

    I am starting a “Lefty Show” to showcase the lack of or disservices we are doing or not doing for the left handed individual and the little people. Things like a door knob for left handed individual, mirrors and toiletries for the small people. Let me know if anyone has interested individual and/or company who is willing to be part of this show. Membership or sponsorship are available.

    Please contact me at: txiabneeb@gmail.com



  11. when I was grown up every body in my family was right hand . I though something was wrong with me, I couldn’t pick up the ideal writing right handed. it made me feel so sad. when I was teaching 3-6yrs old I felt good because some of them where left handed it was so easy to teach them but the right handed kids had some problem on writing. the way left handed people hold there pencils different from other kids, ask I got older I try use my right hand. I so used to picking everything up with my left hand. instead picking everything up with my left I try to use my right.

  12. ask I got older I don’t mind now being left handed, I know a lots of famous people that are left handed. One thing I like about being left handed you no where we coming from when we playing any kind of sports.

  13. I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff majoring in music education! I do not feel that I am handicapped because I am left handed. Yes it’s hard for me to do certain things but with practice I came out alright. Yes I love how intrigued people get when I tell them or they notice that I am left handed. It makes me feel special to know that I am not like everybody else…so on that note I would like to say that I am PROUD to be left handed!

  14. i really need these scholarships because my mother needs help and i’m a left hand person and i really do everthing with mmy left hand

  15. I myself am left-handed, and I find it hilarious that someone would see it as a handicap. It is said that left-handed people actually tend to be more intelligent and creative, so I like to think of it as a gift, rather than “I’m handicapped.”

  16. When i was little i start using my left hand for writing , eating etc. My mom used to hit my hand with sticks because she don’t want me to use my left hand . At last she lose because i cann’t stop using my left hand . Even though nobody like or want me to use my left hand . But i m proud that i m among the few unique peoples . Thanks for giving scholarship for lefthanded people .

  17. I am left-handed and people always look at me amazed because I don’t write l or hold my pencil/pen like a normal person. It is kind of funny to see people’s confused looks and ask how I write. I taught myself how to hold a pencil and I taught myself how to write. A teacher’s aide from second grade already tried to correct me but it never worked. I’ve always did my own thing. I embrace my “disability.”

  18. Left handedness is a gift rather than a liability.My peers have always been amazed by this attribute,they occasionally practice to write with their left hands.left handed individuals tend to be more creative and even intellectually inclined.Some of the greatest minds were leftys(Einstein,DA Vinci),for any person who is not knowledgeable in this issue,needs to be educated.

  19. I feel like being a left hand was different from other right hand people because not many left were in state or country like it have say. My experience about people see our left hand like it was difficult to use for drinking, hold something, and play sport . I glad that there are some people like me in this scholarship’s comment.

    Thank You……:D

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