Left Handed Presidents – Fun Facts About Leaders Who Led Left-Handedly

Left Handed Presidents – Fun Facts About Leaders Who Led “Left-Handedly”

This article is about left handed Presidents, fun facts about them, and amazing discoveries about lefties in general. Hoping that the following passages about left handed presidents will act as an inspiration, you’ll find lots of information and motivational stuff that will keep you stringing along proudly with this unique trait.

Since the last couple of decades, there have been 8 left handed presidents in America. Now some people think that “8” is not an accurate figure, so they tend to get by with 7. These intellectual giants, who later on grew to be great leaders of the nation, were either born left handed, or had some life altering incidents that changed taught them to be left handed.

Following are the popular left handed presidents who led America to prosperity, peace and success:

  • James Garfield: Born in 1881, James Garfield may or may not have been left handed. According to several undated anecdotes, Mr. Garfield was the only President who could write simultaneously with both hands.
  • Herbert Hoover
  • Gerald Ford
  • Barack Obama
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Ronald Reagan

By the grace of God, human beings have been blessed with asymmetric nature. We are all animals who have developed into a highly advanced state over the course of time. For instance, during embryonic stages, the heart slowly shifts to the left side of the chest, while the liver moves to the right. Likewise the lungs change their position and distinct structure as the baby continues to grow inside the womb.

At times, due to rare possibilities, the asymmetry of organs and nature of a baby is reversed. Right handed people become left handed, and lefties become righties. When we talk about left handed Presidents, they are no different than average people with respect to appearance.

However, from a technical perspective science has proven that left handedness is a hidden gift. President Reagan has been rumored and cited as ambidextrous person. Some people say that the photos of Mr. Reagan are manipulated. But the truth is that they are not.

In fact, President Reagan sometimes used to change his hair style a little bit when he used to write with his right hand. You can always zoom in on his photos and see if the documents he is signing, writing or referring to are in reverse letter format – this is a great way to detect photo manipulation.

Back in the early days, left handedness was not permitted in social communities for some reason. You could probably hear your great grandmother about how the teachers would make her left handed class fellows use their right hand. Gradually, this trend changed when H Ross Perot, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush ran for presidency during the years between 1990 and 1996.

Moving on with the subject of left handed presidents, there’s John McCain and his famous “left hook” gestures. It is believed that during his military service in Vietnam, he was tortured as a POW. Some sources suggest that McCain was subject to a torture technique where he was suspended by his wrists after his arms were tied behind his back.

To this day, John McCain hasn’t been able to raise his arms above his head because of the shoulder ailments. To critiques, his left arm looks very steady – this is kind of unnatural. It is possible that he may have to switch to left handedness because of the problems with his right hand.

Left handedness is no longer considered a setback. If you are left handed, you should read biographies of left handed presidents to keep your head high above your shoulders. You can also look for left handed scholarships if you are a struggling student. Anything that can help you to become successful in life, take it as a gift and move on with dedication, determination and utmost vigor.

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