Scholarships For Left Handed Students – How To Get Them Easily

Scholarships For Left Handed Students – How To Get Them Easily

We live in a world where people are daily discriminated against, and where opportunities are very few to people who are handicapped in one way or another. Getting top-notch education in a world full of challenges can be a huge task; and it is even a terrible situation if you are left-handed. Most facilities in our schools are designed without dues consideration for students who are unable to use their right hands. God help you if you are left-handed and required to take a time-test; you are likely to be subjected to some discrimination. However, some of these things happened in the past, and appear to be fast fading away with scholarships for left handed students, as well as introduction of various learning facilities to ensure left handed students who are in the minority enjoy learning in convenient way. Schools have started putting in place measures to address some of these issues; and it is easier to find left-handed mouse, scissors designed specifically for left-handed students, and lots more. What this means is that you will not longer be forced to sit and work on any desk you are not comfortable with if you are left-handed.

If you are deserving students who have met every other condition besides being left handed; then you can apply for scholarships for left handed students right away. The conditions are determined by each of the bodies responsible for providing these awards; and you are likely to find some of them stringent, with others almost as easy anything you can think of. However, you also need some luck because of the huge number of applicants that have to be shortlisted these days. The screening process for instance, takes a lot of things into consideration; and hopefully we shall consider some of them in this article. The awards come in various forms, but the truth remains that you will be able to handle any discrimination that comes with being a lefty.

Lefties are without doubt in the minority in the United States; and this could be reason only a few legitimate boards are available to provide scholarships for left handed students. Basically, only 10% of American society is left-handed, and this is a far cry compared to those who can use the right hands to do a lot of things. There are lots of scholarship bodies springing up these days, but the very popular ones remain the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley awards for students who enroll in Juniata College; and certainly these two are not enough to satisfy the huge number of applicants that file in applications every year. With a population that is above 300 million people, it remains to be seen how those or any other bodies out there can meet the needs of over 30 million people; even though only 13% of this number is below 20 years of age. The implication of this is that there will be stiffer competition among applicants requiring scholarships for high school students, and this will certainly need to tighter conditions apart from being left-handed.

Special People 

Lefties are not only lucky, but regarded as special people who are allowed to take advantage of both scholarships for left handed students as well as normal awards. In other words, you will be allowed to apply either for normal scholarships or the one specifically designed for the handicapped. College scholarship for handed students ensure you get the best of education at environment created to encourage quality learning; and this you can achieve when you meet certain basic requirements. Some of the requirements needed to qualify for awards for left handed students include, but not actually limited to the following; sound academic records, good academic grade, proof of good leadership capabilities, and most significantly is the fact that you must be left-handed.

Sound Academic Background/Records 

Any applicant seeking for scholarships must have a proven academic track record. When you consider the number of applicants applying for awards for left handed students each year, one cannot, but expect only the best to be shortlisted. An applicant is therefore expected to have a sound academic record good enough to convince the board on why he/she should be considered above others. These days, it takes more than just filing in an application to actually get scholarships for left handed students.

Convincing Grades 

An applicant requires more than an unconvincing grade to qualify to receive scholarships for left handed students. What makes it a bit difficult is the fact that minimum grades are determined by these boards, and this means you have to work really hard if you want to be shortlisted. This calls for some hard work on the part of the applicants; especially if he/she wants to be granted scholarships for left handed people.

Sound Leadership Abilities 

This may sound a bit funny, but you must convince the board that you have some leadership abilities that set you over and above other applicants. There are records of great men and women who have made their marks in various professions and fields; and most of them are lefties.

Left Handed 

Perhaps I should have mentioned the fact that you must be a left-handed person before you can think of applying for scholarships for left handed students. Nevertheless, it is the most important condition that must be met to ever have a chance to get a scholarship. You may be required to provide a referee or subjected to various test to verify if you are indeed left-handed or not.

Where To Find Scholarships For Left Handed Students

The internet is fast becoming the most popular destination for all applicants wishing to apply for scholarships for left handed students. Nonetheless, you can check out a couple of scholarship boards offline too.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of scammers out there who are ready to scam unsuspecting applicants desperately in need of scholarships for left handed students. Please ensure you carry out a thorough background check before making any financial commitments.

A few other popular minority or specific programs people normally check on the internet these days include the following; scholarships for high school seniors, scholarships for African Americans, scholarships for Hispanics, scholarships for minorities, and scholarships for single mothers among others.

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18 thoughts on “Scholarships For Left Handed Students – How To Get Them Easily


      • I find this quite humorous and understand you since I too am left-handed and my writings, drawings and other stuff become smudged or “slant “

    • I’m left-handed, and so is my mother, brother and sister. I would like to know where to search for scholarships for left-handed people.

    • I hate when I write because I go over the words and the lead residue on the paper gets on my hand. But I wouldn’t change being left handed for the world

  2. My name is Whitney Sims I am very left handed. Sometimes it is hard being left handed being in a university college with all right handed deskes, but i find a way to make it work.

  3. I am left handed as well , when it comes to writing in cursive its beautiful and very creative but when it comes to print I have the hardest time writing straight. During my free time I sketch and draw something I was blessed with.


  5. I’m A Left Handed Senior In High School And I Also Hold My Hand With A Slant, And I’m Often Made Fun Of Because Of That.

  6. I to write with a slant. However i cut, with sissors, with my right hand. i kick with my right foot as well. This makes it veryconfusing for my gymnastics coach, who knows i’m left handed, when i do everything with my right side

  7. I write with a slant as well and being a senior in high school it has never been easy writing notes and doing homework as fast as my friends and not being able to write in binders and notebooks as well.

  8. I am a Junior in high school i have carpol tunnel(sp?) and i was born without a right hand so im forced to write with my left hand…i often smear/smudge my writing and im not even sure what the difference between my cursive and my print are.

  9. I am left-handed and living with all right handed people and them not knowing how to teach me things was very hard, and so I was left to kinda learn how to do things on my own, but I don’t have the slant thing with my hand probably because I was living with all right-handed people and they taught me how to hold a pencil like them.

  10. Hi, my name is George Johnson and I am left-handed. I do not find it such a hassle to be left-handed. I embrace. I find that writing with a slant makes it look fancy. Many of my friends say my handwriting is neat. Being left-handed is uniq

  11. Hi, my name is George Johnson and I am left-handed. I do not find it such a hassle to be left-handed. I embrace. I find that writing with a slant makes it look fancy. Many of my friends say my handwriting is neat. Being left-handed is unique. It is pretty cool to be left hand because I can teach right-handed people how to do things and also help left-handed people. I was not finished typing in the comment above.

  12. I am very left handed as well. I tend to write very hard and it leaves a not on my finger. I also write slanted as well, my handwriting is vety unique. People always say i write like an computer font. Now for my cursive it really sucks, the only time i write decent in cursive is for some reason when im not thinking about. But the difficult part about being left handed alot of things are made in this world for right handed people to do so when i do it it takes me a little longer to do it but its alright. And i also cant stand when i sit by someone who is write handed it’s like our elbows be knocking lol. But other then that left handed people rock and they are very unique.

  13. My friends and family are always saying that I am creative and people who are creative are usually left handed, which I am. I’ve noticed that the people I know who are left handed are either creative, smart, and tend to be quite. I also know what it is like to be made fun of by others for holding my pencil a funny way…I’m sorry that’s just how I write and if they don’t like it, well that’s just to bad… We shouldn’t feel bad for being left handed. If anything we are lucky to be left handed. Left handed people use both sides of the brain unlike right handed people who use one side. Left handed people are awesome.

  14. I am very left handed.My right hand will not even touch the paper with a pen in that hand.It is hard to explain, but if i try to write with my right hand i have to angle it and then the writing is nothing but scribbly lines that do not make sense.I do not have the problem of writing weird with my left hand though.I write very neat and do not have to angle my hand i have to angle the paper.While growing up i was in roller skater competitions and i used to turn backwards and do things the opposite as all the other dancers.

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