Nov 12

Announcement: Scholarship Opportunities For Left Handed People And More

Scholarship Opportunities For Left Handed People And More

Here are some college scholarship opportunities worth checking out!

The Frederick and Mary Buckley Scholarship For Left Handed People

The most popular left handed scholarship is the Frederick and Mary Buckley Scholarship for left handed people. This was started in 1979 by Francis Buckley and the program is still available to left handed people.

The scholarship offered ranges from $1000 – $1500.

To get it you will have to apply directly to:

Office of Student Financial Planning, Juniata College, 1700 Moore Street, Huntington, PA 16652.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

There are other scholarship opportunities that you can check out that are not limited to left handed people alone.

This offers you an opportunity to get up to $10000 scholarship. It is open to everyone in the US who needs a scholarship both left handed and right handed.

In addition to Scholarship Zone, there are numerous other scholarship program online.

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Jan 16

Left Handed Presidents – Fun Facts About Leaders Who Led Left-Handedly

Left Handed Presidents – Fun Facts About Leaders Who Led “Left-Handedly”

This article is about left handed Presidents, fun facts about them, and amazing discoveries about lefties in general. Hoping that the following passages about left handed presidents will act as an inspiration, you’ll find lots of information and motivational stuff that will keep you stringing along proudly with this unique trait.

Since the last couple of decades, there have been 8 left handed presidents in America. Now some people think that “8” is not an accurate figure, so they tend to get by with 7. These intellectual giants, who later on grew to be great leaders of the nation, were either born left handed, or had some life altering incidents that changed taught them to be left handed.

Following are the popular left handed presidents who led America to prosperity, peace and success:

  • James Garfield: Born in 1881, James Garfield may or may not have been left handed. According to several undated anecdotes, Mr. Garfield was the only President who could write simultaneously with both hands.
  • Herbert Hoover
  • Gerald Ford
  • Barack Obama
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Ronald Reagan

By the grace of God, human beings have been blessed with asymmetric nature. We are all animals who have developed into a highly advanced state over the course of time. For instance, during embryonic stages, the heart slowly shifts to the left side of the chest, while the liver moves to the right. Likewise the lungs change their position and distinct structure as the baby continues to grow inside the womb.

At times, due to rare possibilities, the asymmetry of organs and nature of a baby is reversed. Right handed people become left handed, and lefties become righties. When we talk about left handed Presidents, they are no different than average people with respect to appearance.

However, from a technical perspective science has proven that left handedness is a hidden gift. President Reagan has been rumored and cited as ambidextrous person. Some people say that the photos of Mr. Reagan are manipulated. But the truth is that they are not.

In fact, President Reagan sometimes used to change his hair style a little bit when he used to write with his right hand. You can always zoom in on his photos and see if the documents he is signing, writing or referring to are in reverse letter format – this is a great way to detect photo manipulation.

Back in the early days, left handedness was not permitted in social communities for some reason. You could probably hear your great grandmother about how the teachers would make her left handed class fellows use their right hand. Gradually, this trend changed when H Ross Perot, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush ran for presidency during the years between 1990 and 1996.

Moving on with the subject of left handed presidents, there’s John McCain and his famous “left hook” gestures. It is believed that during his military service in Vietnam, he was tortured as a POW. Some sources suggest that McCain was subject to a torture technique where he was suspended by his wrists after his arms were tied behind his back.

To this day, John McCain hasn’t been able to raise his arms above his head because of the shoulder ailments. To critiques, his left arm looks very steady – this is kind of unnatural. It is possible that he may have to switch to left handedness because of the problems with his right hand.

Left handedness is no longer considered a setback. If you are left handed, you should read biographies of left handed presidents to keep your head high above your shoulders. You can also look for left handed scholarships if you are a struggling student. Anything that can help you to become successful in life, take it as a gift and move on with dedication, determination and utmost vigor.

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Nov 25

Fun, Weird and Impressive Facts About Being Left Handed

Fun, Weird and Impressive Facts About Being Left Handed

As long as the time goes back, being left handed has always been a subject of various meticulous debates. You wouldn’t believe it but some scientists were of the view that left handedness originated when a pair of twins absorbed some form of biological and/or chemical substances from one another – Pretty weird right?

Likewise, as much as there’re made up stories and discouraging incidents about all the lefties out there, there are an equal number of impressive anecdotes and fun facts as well – Take it as the lefty’s way of feeling motivated to help them push through “rainy days” in their lives.

  • One of the most impressive facts about being left handed is that these guys are always in their ‘right’ mind. It’s us, the righties, who think and act through the left side of their brains. From a technical perspective the brain is cross wired and operates through opposite lobes for each person. Hence the right lobe is responsible for left hand, and the left lobe is responsible for the right hand.
  •  A left handed person can always mirror write anything – anytime. If you’re left handed, try writing the same sentences in the opposite manner. Don’t worry, only the first line or passage is going to be difficult for you, but as soon as you’re through it, it’s all going to come naturally. Usually, for fun sake, school students write 3 to 4 pages of their daily lectures this way! Isn’t this a special attribute?
  • Among many interesting facts about being left handed, here’s another one: The right hemisphere of the brain (for lefties) is responsible for harboring music, creativity, perception, emotional control, proficiency in languages, arts and mathematics.
    • Einstein, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and tons of famous celebrities are left handed. Einstein could also use his right hand for writing but he was basically a left handed person.

Advantages in Sports:

Ever heard of the term: “Southpaw”? If you haven’t, go to your local video store and take Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky’ on rent. He was a leftie in that movie, a boxer who’d always have an advantage over a right hander.

Back in those days, Southpaws were kind of bullied for “abusing” the sport but if Rocky made it through, anyone can do it. Fiction and imaginative stuff apart, the guy does a great job of explaining the origin of the whole “Southpaw” thing to Adrian.

More so, Boxing aside, take Baseball as one of the unnoticed facts about being left handed.  A Southpaw will always have leverage over others because he’d be facing First Base already after each swing. Similarly, if the guy happens to be a pitcher for instance, then he can keep an eye on the runners to prevent them from stealing second base.
What Does Wikipedia Say About Left Handed Folks?

According to Wikipedia, one of the biggest online resources, “left handed people are most dexterous with their left hands when performing tasks”. It means that roughly 10% of the world’s population is based on folks who do things with their left hands.

Actually, notch up the percentage a little bit because in some areas people believe that 15% of the world’s population is left handed. At the moment, it may seem as if lefties are being treated normally. It wasn’t too long ago when being left handed was all about discriminations, minority level treatment, embarrassment and stuff like that.

However, times have changed and at the moment, if someone is left handed; it’s considered to be something uniquely cool and special. Don’t feel underprivileged if you don’t use right hand during day to day tasks. God always has a plan for all of us to make it through tough times in our lives.


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Oct 10

Left Handed Awards – How To Get Left Handed Scholarships And Awards

Left Handed Awards 

Happy times are here for every left-handed individuals seeking for qualitative university or college education out there. The good news is that you can now access some government funds as a left-handed student; and this goes with the fact that you can also apply for normal scholarships as well. Students with disabilities need not worry that much these days because the internet is not short on number when it comes to sites offering left handed awards. Indeed there are quite a number of sites offering assistance in area of awards, but you need a few tips to get you going; and I am sure you can find that in this article. In the next couple of minutes, you will be able to understand what it takes to access these awards, as well as how to avoid scams and identify those sites that are truly legitimate.

There seem to be a lot of funds available these days more than it was back in the days. As a matter of fact, more scholarship boards have since come on board since the government first started providing scholarships to some categories of students or applicants out there. More funds are definitely available, but the conditions have suddenly become very stringent over the years. Not only are you required to prove that you are left-handed, you are also expected to possess sound academic qualification, as well as great leadership skills to qualify for left handed awards.

Forget the discrimination, and go get yourself some awards to further your education. The truth is the world may not have anything positive to say about being a left-handed individual, but you can change all that by acquiring a good degree. Of course, a good degree comes with lots of benefits, including a high-paying job, and earning the respect of those who once put you down in the society. You can check out a long a long list of past and present individuals who have made their marks in various fields. Some of these individuals include the following; President Ronald Reagan, President Bill Clinton, Albert Einstein, President Garfield, and a host of others. Did I hear you say; “I want to be like one of them?” Of course, you can be like one of them, and the journey starts with getting a decent grade by applying for left handed awards. In fact, the above mentioned individuals have done more in terms of changing the world’s perception of leftists; so, there is basically nothing to be worried about any more.

It does look like it is only one school offering left handed awards with special qualification, but this may be far from the truth after a thorough search on the internet. The Juniata College has been offering special awards to left-handed students since 1979; and this has helped more than 40 students to achieve their dreams. The program was actually introduced in 1979 by Mary Francis Buckley; and has since become a reference point for would be applicants. Many people would argue the fact that only one of such schools or bodies exists, but the truth is there are other ones not so popular; but offering some commendable services every year. To discover a couple of other places where you can apply for left handed awards, you might actually require a bit of assistance online. However, no one can deny the fact that there are sites with not-so legitimate intentions; you must watch out for them, and ensure you don’t become a victim of scam.

Left Handed Grants – How Do I Apply?

Basically you need to put a few things in place to access some of these funds, and the more knowledgeable you are in some of these things, the better for you.

Usually, when you submit an application for left handed scholarships, you will be asked if you are actually left-handed. This is not assumed as you will be required to go through a couple of tests to verify your claim. You may also be required to provide some references to back up or verify your claims. Besides, there are other personal and general questions requiring honest answers; and of course, there are other conditions.

Assessing Your Academic Records

You must be prepared to convince the board that you have a solid academic record able to beat other applicants. This may not be easy when you consider the incredible number of students who apply for college scholarships left handed every year. There is no immediate proof things are going to get any easier sometimes in the future since the number is expected to increase. Grants for left handed people will definitely become more popular, and more people are definitely going to be competing for very limited funds available. Other conditions may include; scoring good grades or meeting a minimum qualification standards as stated by the scholarship board, having sound leadership ability, and a host of others.

The population of left-handed people may be nothing compared to the actual number of people who are not left-handed; but that is no indication that the competition for funds is not going to be stiffer in the next few years. This of course, calls for hard work, as well as luck both on the part of students and various legitimate websites responsible for processing some of these applications. Scholarships for undergrad as some people prefer to call it will become a nightmare if scammers are not avoided; and this should be taken seriously.

Never be in a rush when it comes to finding a legit scholarship site; do take your time, talk to a few experts, and never be shy to ask questions when you find some grey areas that need some explaining. A few details adequately clarified will save you a lot of pain, and will expand your chances of being granted a scholarship. Also remember that you can visit a couple of scholarship bodies offline; and even though this comes with a few charges, you will always be the one to come out smiling at the end of the day!

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Oct 02

Left Handed College Scholarships – Why You Need Some Grants To Augment Your Fees

Left Handed College Scholarships – Why You Need Some Awards To Augment Your Fees

Do you normally develop fever or the cold feet each time the thought of just how much it would cost you to complete college or university? Perhaps you have heard of left handed college scholarships either in the past or even recently, and the only thought that comes to mind is “scam.” Well, the truth is there are scams, but there are legitimate bodies and groups ready to provide you opportunity to get the best of education; and this is authoritative. Left handed college scholarships as the name suggests is basically designed for individuals who are leftists. These individuals are considered to be in the minority simply because they constitute only about 10% of the population of the United States, and about 11% of the world population. Many people are of the opinion that these set of people are always discriminated against; or are they not?

A society that makes it absolutely difficult for leftist to live a normal life certainly must be a bit partial. Think about some of the learning equipments in our schools, most of them are actually designed without taking into account people with this kind of “disability.” Leftists are always left with no choice, but to force certain things on themselves; thereby making life more difficult. However, a few schools have started introducing specially designed learning facilities like computer mouse, and scissors just to address the needs of these people. Things are beginning to look up for left-handed people, and they can now learn in a comforting environment.

Weird Or Simply Wacky?

Some people would rather call it weird, and some choose to call it wacky; the truth is scholarships for left handed people is fast catching up with a lot of people all around the world. If you write really well with your left hand; then you can as well consider applying for an academic grant. This kind of grant however, requires fulfilling peculiar conditions that may not be part of regular ones. The most important of these conditions is that you must be left-handed. So, weird or wacky, the truth is scholarships for left handed people will do your education a lot of good.

Sadly, only a very few bodies or organizations actually provide left handed college scholarships for students; at least only a few are legitimate. This is not even enough to guarantee adequate funding for the 10% of people who apply via the internet or elsewhere every year. What this means is that the process leading to short listing applicants will be a bit tight; making it more challenging for intending applicants. Juniata College for instance stands out as one of few well known colleges offering awards to left handed people; and this started way back in 1979. The grant is sponsored annually by the Mary Frances Beckley Scholarship Foundation. However, not many applicants or students have been able to access this fund since it was introduced; and this could be traced to the stringent conditions attached to it. It is not certain, but it looks like only about 50 people have been able to benefit from this fund since inception.

Where To Find Left handed College scholarships

Left handed college scholarships as well as other academic loans or awards can be found when you use Google or Yahoo. The process is very simple, and works almost the same way as when you conduct search for other keywords. However, you must ensure you choose providers with genuine intentions since there are lots of scammers out there. So, it’s basically up to you to do a great job if you don’t want to be scammed.

There are a couple of boards outside the internet willing to provide you adequate support and advice when it comes to left handed college scholarships. You may be required to pay a token fee to access some of these offices; but you need to be a bit cautious when parting with your money.

What Are The Conditions To Accessing Left handed college scholarships?

The conditions for accessing left handed scholarships may differ from one body or college to the other, but there are certain similarities. For a start, you must be a leftist in order to stand a chance; and you might be asked to undergo a series of tests to actually proof this. Other conditions will be explained in the next few paragraphs.

Some scholarship boards may require specific grades before offering left handed college scholarships to students. This is often the case when you have so many applicants chasing a very limited fund. What this means is you have to sturdy real hard to merit being offered left handed scholarships; and yet there are other conditions almost as similar as this one as you are soon to find out in the next paragraphs.

Good Academic Track Record

Students looking to access some of these funds may have to convince the board about their past academic achievements. Most scholarship boards do not only use this as means of selecting only the best applicants, but to reduce the number of applicants they have on their lists. How time flies you would say as more and more people really fancy their chances of getting left handed college scholarships; making it absolutely difficult more than ever.

Qualifying for left handed college scholarships may also require that you show some leadership capabilities; this however, may not be the case with every scholarship board out there.

Though, some of the above conditions are basically put in place to enable the selection process very easy, they are however necessary to choose only the most qualified. Definitely you can meet whatever conditions put in place by these bodies, but you must study very hard and choose a body that has enough experience to help you out.

You can start right away, but it is recommended you start with free government grant or loan or financial aid packages. Being left-handed does not stop you from applying for other normal scholarships or awards; as a matter of fact, this should even be an added advantage.

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Oct 02

Scholarships For Left Handed Students – How To Get Them Easily

Scholarships For Left Handed Students – How To Get Them Easily

We live in a world where people are daily discriminated against, and where opportunities are very few to people who are handicapped in one way or another. Getting top-notch education in a world full of challenges can be a huge task; and it is even a terrible situation if you are left-handed. Most facilities in our schools are designed without dues consideration for students who are unable to use their right hands. God help you if you are left-handed and required to take a time-test; you are likely to be subjected to some discrimination. However, some of these things happened in the past, and appear to be fast fading away with scholarships for left handed students, as well as introduction of various learning facilities to ensure left handed students who are in the minority enjoy learning in convenient way. Schools have started putting in place measures to address some of these issues; and it is easier to find left-handed mouse, scissors designed specifically for left-handed students, and lots more. What this means is that you will not longer be forced to sit and work on any desk you are not comfortable with if you are left-handed.

If you are deserving students who have met every other condition besides being left handed; then you can apply for scholarships for left handed students right away. The conditions are determined by each of the bodies responsible for providing these awards; and you are likely to find some of them stringent, with others almost as easy anything you can think of. However, you also need some luck because of the huge number of applicants that have to be shortlisted these days. The screening process for instance, takes a lot of things into consideration; and hopefully we shall consider some of them in this article. The awards come in various forms, but the truth remains that you will be able to handle any discrimination that comes with being a lefty.

Lefties are without doubt in the minority in the United States; and this could be reason only a few legitimate boards are available to provide scholarships for left handed students. Basically, only 10% of American society is left-handed, and this is a far cry compared to those who can use the right hands to do a lot of things. There are lots of scholarship bodies springing up these days, but the very popular ones remain the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley awards for students who enroll in Juniata College; and certainly these two are not enough to satisfy the huge number of applicants that file in applications every year. With a population that is above 300 million people, it remains to be seen how those or any other bodies out there can meet the needs of over 30 million people; even though only 13% of this number is below 20 years of age. The implication of this is that there will be stiffer competition among applicants requiring scholarships for high school students, and this will certainly need to tighter conditions apart from being left-handed.

Special People 

Lefties are not only lucky, but regarded as special people who are allowed to take advantage of both scholarships for left handed students as well as normal awards. In other words, you will be allowed to apply either for normal scholarships or the one specifically designed for the handicapped. College scholarship for handed students ensure you get the best of education at environment created to encourage quality learning; and this you can achieve when you meet certain basic requirements. Some of the requirements needed to qualify for awards for left handed students include, but not actually limited to the following; sound academic records, good academic grade, proof of good leadership capabilities, and most significantly is the fact that you must be left-handed.

Sound Academic Background/Records 

Any applicant seeking for scholarships must have a proven academic track record. When you consider the number of applicants applying for awards for left handed students each year, one cannot, but expect only the best to be shortlisted. An applicant is therefore expected to have a sound academic record good enough to convince the board on why he/she should be considered above others. These days, it takes more than just filing in an application to actually get scholarships for left handed students.

Convincing Grades 

An applicant requires more than an unconvincing grade to qualify to receive scholarships for left handed students. What makes it a bit difficult is the fact that minimum grades are determined by these boards, and this means you have to work really hard if you want to be shortlisted. This calls for some hard work on the part of the applicants; especially if he/she wants to be granted scholarships for left handed people.

Sound Leadership Abilities 

This may sound a bit funny, but you must convince the board that you have some leadership abilities that set you over and above other applicants. There are records of great men and women who have made their marks in various professions and fields; and most of them are lefties.

Left Handed 

Perhaps I should have mentioned the fact that you must be a left-handed person before you can think of applying for scholarships for left handed students. Nevertheless, it is the most important condition that must be met to ever have a chance to get a scholarship. You may be required to provide a referee or subjected to various test to verify if you are indeed left-handed or not.

Where To Find Scholarships For Left Handed Students

The internet is fast becoming the most popular destination for all applicants wishing to apply for scholarships for left handed students. Nonetheless, you can check out a couple of scholarship boards offline too.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of scammers out there who are ready to scam unsuspecting applicants desperately in need of scholarships for left handed students. Please ensure you carry out a thorough background check before making any financial commitments.

A few other popular minority or specific programs people normally check on the internet these days include the following; scholarships for high school seniors, scholarships for African Americans, scholarships for Hispanics, scholarships for minorities, and scholarships for single mothers among others.

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