Fun, Weird and Impressive Facts About Being Left Handed


Fun, Weird and Impressive Facts About Being Left Handed

As long as the time goes back, being left handed has always been a subject of various meticulous debates. You wouldn’t believe it but some scientists were of the view that left handedness originated when a pair of twins absorbed some form of biological and/or chemical substances from one another – Pretty weird right?

Likewise, as much as there’re made up stories and discouraging incidents about all the lefties out there, there are an equal number of impressive anecdotes and fun facts as well – Take it as the lefty’s way of feeling motivated to help them push through “rainy days” in their lives.

  • One of the most impressive facts about being left handed is that these guys are always in their ‘right’ mind. It’s us, the righties, who think and act through the left side of their brains. From a technical perspective the brain is cross wired and operates through opposite lobes for each person. Hence the right lobe is responsible for left hand, and the left lobe is responsible for the right hand.
  •  A left handed person can always mirror write anything – anytime. If you’re left handed, try writing the same sentences in the opposite manner. Don’t worry, only the first line or passage is going to be difficult for you, but as soon as you’re through it, it’s all going to come naturally. Usually, for fun sake, school students write 3 to 4 pages of their daily lectures this way! Isn’t this a special attribute?
  • Among many interesting facts about being left handed, here’s another one: The right hemisphere of the brain (for lefties) is responsible for harboring music, creativity, perception, emotional control, proficiency in languages, arts and mathematics.
    • Einstein, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and tons of famous celebrities are left handed. Einstein could also use his right hand for writing but he was basically a left handed person.

Advantages in Sports:

Ever heard of the term: “Southpaw”? If you haven’t, go to your local video store and take Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky’ on rent. He was a leftie in that movie, a boxer who’d always have an advantage over a right hander.

Back in those days, Southpaws were kind of bullied for “abusing” the sport but if Rocky made it through, anyone can do it. Fiction and imaginative stuff apart, the guy does a great job of explaining the origin of the whole “Southpaw” thing to Adrian.

More so, Boxing aside, take Baseball as one of the unnoticed facts about being left handed.  A Southpaw will always have leverage over others because he’d be facing First Base already after each swing. Similarly, if the guy happens to be a pitcher for instance, then he can keep an eye on the runners to prevent them from stealing second base.
What Does Wikipedia Say About Left Handed Folks?


According to Wikipedia, one of the biggest online resources, “left handed people are most dexterous with their left hands when performing tasks”. It means that roughly 10% of the world’s population is based on folks who do things with their left hands.

Actually, notch up the percentage a little bit because in some areas people believe that 15% of the world’s population is left handed. At the moment, it may seem as if lefties are being treated normally. It wasn’t too long ago when being left handed was all about discriminations, minority level treatment, embarrassment and stuff like that.

However, times have changed and at the moment, if someone is left handed; it’s considered to be something uniquely cool and special. Don’t feel underprivileged if you don’t use right hand during day to day tasks. God always has a plan for all of us to make it through tough times in our lives.



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