Left Handed College Scholarships – Why You Need Some Grants To Augment Your Fees


Left Handed College Scholarships – Why You Need Some Grants To Augment Your Fees

Do you normally develop fever or the cold feet each time the thought of just how much it would cost you to complete college or university? Perhaps you have heard of left handed college scholarships either in the past or even recently, and the only thought that comes to mind is “scam.” Well, the truth is there are scams, but there are legitimate bodies and groups ready to provide you opportunity to get the best of education; and this is authoritative. Left handed college scholarships as the name suggests is basically designed for individuals who are leftists. These individuals are considered to be in the minority simply because they constitute only about 10% of the population of the United States, and about 11% of the world population. Many people are of the opinion that these set of people are always discriminated against; or are they not?

A society that makes it absolutely difficult for leftist to live a normal life certainly must be a bit partial. Think about some of the learning equipments in our schools, most of them are actually designed without taking into account people with this kind of “disability.” Leftists are always left with no choice, but to force certain things on themselves; thereby making life more difficult. However, a few schools have started introducing specially designed learning facilities like computer mouse, and scissors just to address the needs of these people. Things are beginning to look up for left-handed people, and they can now learn in a comforting environment.

Weird Or Simply Wacky?

Some people would rather call it weird, and some choose to call it wacky; the truth is scholarships for left handed people is fast catching up with a lot of people all around the world. If you write really well with your left hand; then you can as well consider applying for an academic grant. This kind of grant however, requires fulfilling peculiar conditions that may not be part of regular ones. The most important of these conditions is that you must be left-handed. So, weird or wacky, the truth is scholarships for left handed people will do your education a lot of good.

Sadly, only a very few bodies or organizations actually provide left handed college scholarships for students; at least only a few are legitimate. This is not even enough to guarantee adequate funding for the 10% of people who apply via the internet or elsewhere every year. What this means is that the process leading to short listing applicants will be a bit tight; making it more challenging for intending applicants. Juniata College for instance stands out as one of few well known colleges offering grants to left handed people; and this started way back in 1979. The grant is sponsored annually by the Mary Frances Beckley Scholarship Foundation. However, not many applicants or students have been able to access this fund since it was introduced; and this could be traced to the stringent conditions attached to it. It is not certain, but it looks like only about 50 people have been able to benefit from this fund since inception.

Where To Find Left handed College scholarships

Left handed college scholarships as well as other academic loans or grants can be found when you use Google or Yahoo. The process is very simple, and works almost the same way as when you conduct search for other keywords. However, you must ensure you choose providers with genuine intentions since there are lots of scammers out there. So, it’s basically up to you to do a great job if you don’t want to be scammed.

There are a couple of boards outside the internet willing to provide you adequate support and advice when it comes to left handed college scholarships. You may be required to pay a token fee to access some of these offices; but you need to be a bit cautious when parting with your money.

What Are The Conditions To Accessing Left handed college scholarships?

The conditions for accessing left handed scholarships may differ from one body or college to the other, but there are certain similarities. For a start, you must be a leftist in order to stand a chance; and you might be asked to undergo a series of tests to actually proof this. Other conditions will be explained in the next few paragraphs.


Some scholarship boards may require specific grades before offering left handed college scholarships to students. This is often the case when you have so many applicants chasing a very limited fund. What this means is you have to sturdy real hard to merit being offered left handed scholarships; and yet there are other conditions almost as similar as this one as you are soon to find out in the next paragraphs.

Good Academic Track Record

Students looking to access some of these funds may have to convince the board about their past academic achievements. Most scholarship boards do not only use this as means of selecting only the best applicants, but to reduce the number of applicants they have on their lists. How time flies you would say as more and more people really fancy their chances of getting left handed college scholarships; making it absolutely difficult more than ever.

Qualifying for left handed college scholarships may also require that you show some leadership capabilities; this however, may not be the case with every scholarship board out there.

Though, some of the above conditions are basically put in place to enable the selection process very easy, they are however necessary to choose only the most qualified. Definitely you can meet whatever conditions put in place by these bodies, but you must study very hard and choose a body that has enough experience to help you out.

You can start right away, but it is recommended you start with free government grant or loan or financial aid packages. Being left-handed does not stop you from applying for other normal scholarships or grants; as a matter of fact, this should even be an added advantage.


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